St. Mary's College Kisubi is a Catholic founded Government aided Ordinary and Advanced Level Boys Boarding Secondary School, founded in 1906 by the Missionaries of Africa-commonly known as the White Fathers and handed to the Brothers of Christian Instruction in 1926 to date.


In looking through the records of St. Mary's College, to quote Brother Maurice Lambert a former Headmaster of SMACK, in his article in the Uganda Teachers Journal Vol. 1 1939, "1899 seems to be the year from which to start its history. It is fitting to mention, from the very outset, the name of Stanislaus Mugwanya (a Buganda Regent) of pious memory who did much for the foundation of the College. This grand patriot, when addressing a meeting of the Catholic Chiefs, held at the beginning of 1899, put this question quite bluntly before them: "Don't you think the time has come for us to provide our young Catholics with better schooling than that which they have so far received?" In other words he was anxious to see the inception of a higher school where English was to be the main subject of the curriculum. The proposal was applauded unanimously and at that same meeting all the Chiefs delegated STANISLAUS to approach Reverend Fathers Achte ( the Provicar who was then Superior of Rubaga Parish) and Moullec and make known their wishes. Read More

The coming of the Brothers of Christian instruction

By 1922, the white fathers were in short supply for the vast missionary field in Uganda. Bishops Streicher and J. Forbes realizing the problems brought about by the rapid development of St mary’s college asked Rome to find a teaching society with trained and certified teachers to take over St Mary’s and hence free the white fathers for pastoral work. With the advice of Bishop Forbes a Canadian who knew well the Brothers, Rome recommended the Brothers of Christian Instruction, as they commanded international reputation in the field of education. Read More